Information about processing the customers’ personal data.

On the basis of EU Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter the GDPR), we are providing you with information about the processing of customers’ personal data that is carried out in connection with our business activities.

1. Contact details

The personal data administrator is MOSER, a.s., Kpt. Jaroše 46/19, 360 06 Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic.The contact details of the person responsible for protecting personal data are:, tel.: 00420 353 416 242.

2. Table of personal data processed

Processing name Processing purpose Personal data categories Legal title Storage period Other recipients Client category
Data for an order Ensuring delivery of an order Contact and invoicing information, contact persons Fulfilling contracts For the validity of the contract N/A Customer
Invoicing Invoicing delivery Invoicing data Legal obligation 10 years Tax Office Customer
Dispatching Delivering goods Delivery address and telephone, contact person Fulfilling contracts 10 years Transport company Customer
Sending business messages via e-mail Information about news Email address Legitimate interest Until objection is filed N/A Potential customer, Customer
Sending printed promotional materials Information about news Delivery address Legitimate interest Until objection is filed N/A Potential customer, Customer
Records of contacts from business and marketing events Acquiring new contacts Business card Legitimate interest Until objection is filed N/A Potential customer

3. Explanation of the table and processing

Legal titles - the legal justifications for processing are defined in the GDPR, Articles 6 and 9. Storage period - how long we are authorized or required to process and store your data. Other recipients - here we present the other recipients we provide the data to. If “N/A” is stated, then it means that we do not provide them to anyone. Data Source - here we state where we obtained the personal data. If “Data Subject” is presented then it means we obtained them directly from the person concerned. In cases where the processing is based on the legal title “Concluding or fulfilling a contract”, we need your personal data for concluding a contract and its subsequent fulfilment, without which it is not possible to conclude the contract. In cases where the processing is based on the legal title “Legal Obligation”, we need to process your personal data on the basis of legal requirements within the time specified by the given act and we are not allowed to restrict or erase this processing during this period.

We will only process your personal data for the purposes stated in the table.

4. Description of the rights of data subjects

As a data subject (the natural person about whom the data are processed) you have the following rights to your personal data:

Right Specification
To request a listing

This concerns a listing of the data we have about you, the so-called Right to Access.

The listing will be in a format in line with our capabilities. You do not have the right to request a listing in a format that you specify.

An exception where we are not allowed to make a listing are cases involving documents whose publication would threaten the rights and freedoms of others. This concerns personal data of other persons, the protection of trade secrets, intellectual property, etc.

To request a rectification If you find that we keep inaccurate, outdated or incomplete data about you, you can request they be corrected or supplemented.
To request an erasure

We must make a deletion in cases where personal data have been stored for longer than a specified storage period or we have no valid legal title.

By law we may not make a deletion in cases where processing is carried out as Fulfilling a Contract or a Legal Obligation.

Request restrictions on processing

This concerns processing under the title of a legitimate interest.

A restriction on processing occurs in the case of an objection being filed and the restriction will last for the period of assessing the objection.

To file an objection to processing

An objection may be filed in cases where the processing is carried out as a legitimate interest.

An objection to sending commercial communications will always be recognized.

In cases where your name or other contact information is given in order to provide services, the potential for abuse is virtually eliminated and it is essential for these activities. Therefore, we consider this legitimate interest to be overriding and we do not recognize the objections.

Withdraw consent to processing

This is possible in cases where processing is done on the basis of consent. If you give consent to processing and withdraw it, processing will cease.

Request a listing in a portable format

You can request a listing in a portable format only in cases where the processing is based on the legal titles - fulfilling a contract and consent.

You may only request a listing of the data that you have given us and which we keep in electronic form and you do not have the right to request the format. We will hand it over to you in XLS format with named columns.

Filing an objection to an automated decision

We do not carry out processing based on an automated decision.

Filing a complaint to the Supervisory Authority

If we do not respond to your request within 1 month, you can file a complaint with the Office for Personal Data Protection.

5. Manner of exercising rights

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, you can submit a request to do so in the following manner:

Send it by email to with a valid electronic signature; without this confirmation of identity it cannot be recognized.

It should contain:

  1. Identification data - name, surname
  2. About exercising the right you request - see the section Description of Data Subjects’ Rights
  3. Specify the request - e.g. in the case of a correction, then state the correct information
  4. Telephone - for any specification and arranging the next steps

We will send you a notification about the result of the request within 30 days of receiving it.

Activities related to exercising the rights of data subjects are free of charge. However, if the requests are found to be clearly unreasonable or inappropriate, especially if they are repeated, we can:

  1. mpose a reasonable fee for administrative costs
  2. refuse to comply with the request.

If doubts arise as to your identity, we are entitled to ask you for additional information to confirm your identity.

Karlovy Vary, 24 April 2018

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