What makes Moser exceptional?

perfect Handicraft


Just like over 160 years ago, Moser remains an exclusive manufacturer. The exclusively hand-worked glass produced by our master glassmakers means that every Moser bowl, vase or other object is a true original

The unique properties of each piece are the result of skilled work with molten glass at the furnace, at a temperature of 1300 °C, the hand-carving of wooden moulds, cutting, painting, gilding or polishing of gold and several months of patient work on artistic engravings.

lead-free Crystal


It is said that even water tastes better from Moser crystal.

This is because we produce exclusively lead-free crystal, kind to both the environment and the health of our glassmakers and customers. Unlike leaded and machine-made glass, our works also have beautifully sharp edges and reflect the light in a wonderful way.

colours Unique


Our closely-guarded recipes, derived from the composition of precious stones, ensure that Moser has an inimitable range of bewitching colours.

Our works will enchant you with the magical interplay of light, shade and reflection, and will adorn any interior and social occasion.

masters Glass


The renown of the Moser Glassworks is based on the artistic craft of our master glass-makers, cutters, painters and engravers.

Whole generations of Karlovy Vary glassmakers have built on the legacy left by Ludwig Moser and his sons. Their art hides many years of work at the furnace and in the cutting and engraving workshops. Their artistic talent and passion for their craft is perfectly in keeping with the slogan The Art of the Impossible.

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