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20th January 2020


It can be life-long, can take decades, or it can be a single outburst of emotions, short yet the more passionate

Therefore, love cannot be one only, as it takes forms that are infinite, each with a different circumstance, conditions and situations full of human emotions. The day of lovers is about to come, so we’ll also start telling you a story about the ways love can shine. Get in tune for a sparkly romance in Moser style and let’s start looking forward…

The main protagonists of our narration will be TWO, for sure. However, they will also be accompanied by crystal pieces that don’t stay in the background as a stage set only. Moser glass, handmade with love by people for people, is full of life, which awakens as soon as their use begins. Crystal from Carlsbad is simply alive, it interacts and helps create new stories.

We’ll begin with the first moments – the preparations, over the first meetings sounding out and toasting, up to the onset and growing of love the same way a glassmaker forms crystal from a living matter. Shared feelings and mutual care are, indeed, an indispensable part of love. Therefore, amorous presents and their details won’t be missing. All in all, we we’ll go step by step through one personal history in which Moser contributes to a great shining love.

And which products from our portfolio will take part? Mozart glasses look clear and simple at first sight, but at the same time they represent one of the most complex and demanding type of design. Of course, such sophistication and subtlety are part of getting to know each other. The set Optic then also takes many faces. However, its natural elegance can quickly enchant you as if you met someone that you already knew for a long time. Then, on St. Valentine’s day, the drinking sets can’t stay without our splendid presents and objects – lead, apart from the popular Lucy candlestick, by Moser heart in Rosalin colour. Not only because this piece with an admixture of gold, but our St. Valentine’s will stand for a true matter of heart and love declaration. So, let’s fall in love with Moser!

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