12th May 2020


From 18 May to 7 June, our gallery will be reopened, bringing offers unparalleled in the history of the company.

We are preparing a unique event in the Moser art gallery in Prague, Na Příkopě not only for Moser supporters but for everyone looking for an introduction into the world of crystal.

After an unplanned pause, the glass furnaces of Moser come to life again. We have used the downtime when we could not create new pieces to gather the most interesting items from our archive for our customers. Therefore, you will be able to admire or purchase at Na Příkopě our timeless collections along with the last remaining pieces from series manufactured no longer. Unique works of art you would otherwise seek in vain. 

We would very much like to welcome you during this momentous occasion. It is but a next step for us to return to the normal operation of the glassworks, and we would be grateful for your support in this endeavour.

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