25th February 2019

The Tableware International Awards of Excellence 2019 contest

Created by designer Lukáš Jabůrek, the Caorle vase has won an award in the prestigious 2019 Tableware International Awards of Excellence in the “Artisanal” category.

The Caorle vase is a 30- cm-tall crystal vase combining an ocean green underlay with rose colours. It is hand-blown and finished with a six-angled hand cut, inspired by Italian architecture and the magic of the aquatic world. The creation also involves the most complicated glass techniques, making it a unique artwork.

A jury was composed of 26 prestigious international panellists, from buyers, boutique owners to global designers and luxury distributors. As the “Artinasal” category focuses on the techniques used, the judges of the Tableware International Awards highlighted the quality of Czech crystal, its colours and a perfect cut.


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