8th December 2017

The Hungarian President has become a member of the Giant Snifters Club

At the beginning of last December our glassworks was visited by the re-elected Hungarian President János Áder and his wife Anita Herczegh. The presidential couple visited the glass museum and were then awarded membership in the Giant Snifters Club in an award ceremony.

To commemorate their visiting the Czech Republic the presidential couple received a crystal vase from the iconic Splendid collection. The Giant Snifters Club was founded in 1957 by František Chocholatý, Director of the Moser shop in Prague. The author aimed to create snifters as a symbol of good cheer and friendly gatherings. He designed the snifters based on his friends, inspired by their physiognomy and personality. And so it was that in 1957 for the very first time six friends raised The Moon Face, The Slim Lady, The Long Gentleman, The Fat Man, The Long Face and The Big Bertha in toast. One year later the set received the greatest honour possible – the Grand Prix at the international EXPO exhibition in Brussels. All manner of renowned politicians and famous celebrities are members of the club.

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