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15th October 2019


If we were to name one place in the world where unique handcraft is met with deep admiration, we say Asia. And speaking about one of the most profound receptions of Moser crystal, the answer goes: Taiwan and its capital Taipei.

Moser glassworks has always built on tradition and long-term cooperation, in all respects, and the connection Carlsbad-Taipei is no exception. Thus, it has been several years already, that a delegation from glassworks in Dvory heads to Taiwan in October, to show the magic that only Moser hands do manage. The event organised by our long-standing partner, importer of European handcraft products, Opulent State Life Corporation, is awaited by collectors in the region throughout the whole year since it represents a unique opportunity to see up close the subtle details of our master engravings. And there is something more! The bonus appreciated by anyone fascinated by the art of the glassworkers. Every year, the delegation involves a special member – one of the stars of our engraving workshop. And indeed, Moser engravers feel in Taiwan as idols of popular music. In spite of the pronunciation difficulties, Holubek, Skala, Svoboda or Lesser are well-known names, and the collectors do not mind to queue to see life their skills.

The wave of positive reactions and profound knowledge is always a great reward – we are, therefore, truly happy about the first messages arriving from this year’s Salon Moser. The group lead by our head designer Petr Larva brought in engraving masterpieces of all types of motives – from classical themes, such as the image of the Greek God Boreas, to various kinds of floral (Strelicia, Magnolia) and faunal motives (eagles and lions coming to life on the surface of crystal). In six-days-long stays, Moser glassworks representatives accompanied by the engraving master Vladimir Skala are going visit three areas of the island, where the schedule includes press conferences with the leading Asian media as well as gala dinners presenting some of Moser drinking sets of glass. The first phase of the tour being now over, the delegation heads from the North to the central part of Taiwan, and they already report that the reactions at Salon Moser 2019 were not a letdown – Moser crystal is, indeed, truly valued in Taiwan.

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