20th September 2019


You might have heard it from us several times already – about José Pizarro making plans in Moser glassworks for an innovative sherry glass bringing back the fame of sherry to Britain.

What might have originally seemed just as an incredible story about a creative connection between a Spanish chef based in London and glassworkers in Carlsbad is now becoming a reality – after greatly successful testing among the guests of José’s London restaurants, the unique crystal piece is now available to become part of your own sherry ritual.

One sip and you get it: „by chance" has no place in this story. "I take pleasure in well-designed, beautiful stuff and, regardless of its age or origin, I like to make combinations creating atmosphere full of elegance and impulses for all senses," says the Cáceres native, who has been for more than 20 years succeeding in UK with presenting the simple yet sophisticated cuisine of his homeland under a single condition: QUALITY. Moreover, as a collector of art, José did not have to search long for the way to Carlsbad.

And since the glassworks works as an inspiration stir-up, it had not taken long for a new idea to come up. José Pizarro had long wondered about the strange way of serving sherry in Britain, where the little tulip-shaped glasses do not by far let sherry to show all of its rich flavour and aroma. No wonder then that the drink has won a bad reputation of a too sweet "granny" drink among the young British. The truth is, however, that sherry has much more to say even for the dry-wine lovers. Take, for example, Fino or Manzanilla, great aperitives to serve with tapas.

To cut the story short – in Moser, we never let the good ideas to slip through, even more that it was not difficult to "contaminate" our Head of Design, Petr Larva, with José’s wave of enthusiasm. The master of glassworks and kitchen put their heads (and hands) together and here it is: MOSER & JOSÉ PIZARRO crystal piece, a glass that allows for a more authentic experience of drinking sherry the way the Spanish like it.

This pleasure has, nevertheless, no borders as this week's official launch among international guests of José’s restaurant proved again.

Cheers to creativity and handcraft – cheers to the new MOSER & JOSÉ PIZARRO sherry glass!

Discover it yourself at - sherry-moser.com

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