1st August 2018

Obsessed with perfection

Czech Glass is a world-renowned cultural phenomenon. The foundations of this renown were laid down in the Middle Ages by glassmakers in the deep woods of the frontier forests, which surrounded the Czech kingdom.

Thanks to the abilities and knowledge of Czech glass masters, who discovered the hard potassium glass - Czech crystal, at the end of the 17th century there was a development of cut glass and especially artistically demanding and artistically valuable carvings in the following century.

The Moser glassworks, however, began to use innovative lead-free crystal that was gentle to the atmosphere of the famous spa town of Karlovy Vary and therefore became timeless and ecological.

However, from the very beginning, the uniqueness and exclusivity of Moser crystal products has been built on the precision and perfect skills of our masters glassmakers. There is many significant artists and personalities who belong to the legends of glass art in the history of Moser, but the title of prestigious and exceptional handicraft Moser bears to this very day thanks to people who cannot deny the love for glass and perfectionism.

Each of our masters, in any industry, would confirm that the way to be a good glassmaker, engraver, grinder, etc., is long and demanding. Milan Holubek, an engraver who celebrated 50 years in Moser this year says:

"Craft is like an inheritance. It should be handed over from generation to generation, and in our Moser Glassworks in Karlovy Vary, this has been in force for 161 years ".


Source: Moser - 160 years

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