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13th May 2020


Glass is a living material with which glassmakers hold a constant dialogue. It is an everyday relationship, which uniquely reflects in the crystal itself.

Moser crystal has been transforming for an unbelievable 163 years. This year’s collection will demonstrate how far we have come in our dialogue.

The new Moser collection for 2020 has something for every fan of our glassworks’ production. It contains objects with distinct architecture and high investment value, such as the Little Versailles or Porta vases, the innovative Cool Velvet vase collection by Moser designer Kateřina Doušová and decorative pieces and drinking sets such as the Diva and Gloria vases or the Bar collection, enlivened by a new colour design.  The 2020 Moser collection definitely deserves a closer look. Come along and see what it has in store for you.

The collection is deservedly dominated by majestic vases that show what today’s Moser is all about. All these new pieces are characterised by a vertical division into segments. In Little Versailles, the masterful vertical cut intersects with a gilded disc in the centre of each vase. The impression of the combination of energies is further magnified by delicate colour highlighting. Viva Portland pays homage to the famous antique vase now found in the collections of the British Museum, and its limited edition is further decorated by a masterful engraving with a figural motif. And Eden Garden? The name itself hints that the vase offers a perfect microworld of crystalline sights, and does so in three colour designs. Meanwhile, Porta beckons you to a new dimension of art and luxury with its perfect floral motifs. Strelitzia, Magnolia, Sakura – all you have to do is choose which one you want to blossom in your home. But the true king of art objects that will bring you not only aesthetic joy but also investment potential is Emporium! Engraved animal motifs reach life-like quality, ensuring these vases will not fade into the background in even the largest interior.

From the heady heights of Moser artistic vases, the collection plunges into the mysterious depths of the Cool Velvet collection by designer Kateřina Doušová, who draws on traditional Moser values and techniques and integrates them into a modern, creative and playful whole. For instance, Ellipse highlights the pure crystal block and interior capsule with an elliptical cut, which looks almost as if an air bubble from a water level was trapped inside the side wall. Amphora, on the other hand, builds on the shape of the classic vessel and transforms it into a confident quotation of the antique model by virtue of a brilliant cutting technique. The vertical walls of the Facet vase are disrupted by a geometric cut that allows a deeper look into the soul of the object. But it will not allow just anyone to glean its secrets. Do you dare to try?

That beauty, unlike time, is an absolute value is proven by other vases from the new collection. The quality of these pieces has been tested by time, as they have appeared among the offerings of Moser glassworks for the first time in the 1920s and 30s. However, their colour design employs new tones to lend them a brand new look. Thanks to its octagonal cut, elegant Diva will bedazzle you with its play of colours on the surface of gemstones, while well-known Purity has gained new energy owing to its new colours. Delicate Gloria in new pastel shades of green and aurora, on the other hand, always remains restrained and dignified, ready to represent.

No new Moser collection would be complete without something glittery to make a toast with. The Bouquet drinking collection with a geometrical cut in the lower section of the shapely chalice has already made its mark among barmen and sommeliers, and now you can get a hold of it as well. The long-standing classics of our portfolio cover the collection’s back. What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the words Moser Bar? For us, it is Rudolf Eschler’s unmistakable functionalistic morphology from the 1930s in the form of a robust prism at the bottom of a spherically cut chalice. This combination has been expanded in this year’s collection by another spectrum of colours. Bar thus kicks off a full rainbow of emotions you should definitely experience with your guests.

And there it is – the collection with which Moser once again pushes the limits under the slogan Art of Impossible. Experience its magic!

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