29th November 2019


The beginning of Advent marks a busy season for Moser crystal. Soirées, dinners, parties – unique moments that can be by Karlsbad glass even further elevated.

What does it look like when Moser celebrates though? Let’s have a look at our Christmas do…

Where else could we hold a meeting with Moser families, colleagues and business partners than right among our products – that is, in our showroom and sales gallery, which you can find in the same place, in the Black Rose house Prague, Na Prikopech Street, since 1925. Therefore, the gala evening guests, hosted by the popular TV presenter, Ray Koranteng, had literally been surrounded by the shine of Moser crystal.

We took the opportunity and turned the sparkle of the glass into helping a good cause. Following an opening speech by one of the shareholders, Katerina Zapletalova, we presented an enlarged replica of the crystal heart hand-manufactured in a limited number to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Velvet Revolution, to Dagmar Havlova, whose Vize 97 Foundation will receive part of the proceeds later this year from the sales of these unique crystal pieces.

The art of Moser glassmakers, cutters and engravers then, for a moment merged in one with that of music. The members of the National Theatre Opera, masters Zajmi and Brückler, created a great atmosphere with their brilliant performance of The Barber of Seville accompanied by live piano.

And who else did we meet at the party? Hana Soukupova joined us as the face of Moser 2019 Christmas. We probably don’t need to mention that even the tombola shone. The winners received, for example a drinking set, Moser Christmas bell or the new sherry addition from the Pizzaro-Moser cooperation. All of that crowned by the presence of one of our master engravers, Tomas Lesser, who personalised the presents with engraved monograms according to the guests wishes.

It was simply a magical night - one that can be created only by Moser crystal…wherever it shines. Just try it!

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