6th November 2018

Moser Christmas Collection 2018

Here we are with a Christmas collection that will please you and your loved ones.

We have been inspired by our most successful drinks collections, Splendid, Maharani, Lady Hamilton and Paula, which originated almost a hundred years ago and are still among the top sellers. The Christmas offer is divided into two sets. "For her" and "for him".
Both collections contain a combination of a carafe and two glasses.
When buying two more glasses, we have prepared a beautiful Christmas decoration "for her", inspired by these sets. It is an unusual, unique gift which will enhance the meaning of the most beautiful winter holidays.

The "For Him" ​​collection then includes Hennessy X.O. or whiskey Glenmorangie 18 y.o.

By dedicating the Moser collection, you are giving a valuable gift and not just that. Onto the collection of your choice, our master engraver will aslo engrave a monogram according to Your wishes, making the gift a much more personal matter, and your loved ones will get an original gift that is really for them.
Create an unforgettable experience with your loved ones and let yourself be inspired by the Christmas sets "For her" and "For him".




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