22nd December 2019


Here it comes, the time of the year that is seen as the most important time – a time for relaxation, meditation and sharing, which also includes mutual thoughts and greetings.

We all experience it differently, but there is something we all perceive the same. The unique atmosphere that can hardly be put into few words on postcards, in letters or emails.

Still we are going to try. Like every year, we have had you – our cutomers, partners, colleagues and admirers on our mind during the work. We wish your Christmas to be the way that is closest to your heart. Enjoy it with your close ones and through all senses – have a crystally beautiful holiday time! And since this is the last blog contemplation with the date 2019, we also want to add a wish for the period that is upcoming. Apart from the utmost important things – health, happiness and luck, we also wish you what is typical for crystal. May 2020 will be the year that is going to give you clear view of everything. We also look up to the future already. The year 2019 in Moser glassworks nevertheless deserves a brief recapitulation at least.

We’ll let numbers speak and start from the substance of glassmaking – we used an amazing 396 tons of sand in the last year. From the sand molten glass, from molten glass, the glass as such. However, that is only the beginning of the story. Only then come the endless hours of work, not only by the furnaces in the glassworks. In 2019, we have counted more than 612,480 working hours in Dvory, Karlovy Vary. It is time, whereby not a single fraction of a second belongs to robots, machines or automatisation. This is the time for people who are devoted to the work that not many in the world could handle. Glassmakers are not only masters, bulb makers, hodmen, carriers, but also quality controllers, cutters, painters or engravers. One team that together doesn’t just create beautiful objects, but art pieces which carry life and stories in them. In the past year, we have done 91,000 of such, 25,000 were shaped into cups, 4,300 vases and 430 them turned out as engraving masterpieces. Furthermore, 220 cutting discs have been changed in the cutting workshop.

All of this produced with each and every tiny hand movements, where sometimes there are several pairs of them. When you ask glassmakers about their job, the first word that usually gets mentioned is a TOLL. However, the next second their heat-glowing faces light-up with smile and there comes the rest of the sentence: It’s a BEAUTIFUL toll, at the beginning of which there is glass as a living form, and at the end comes the beauty of crystal. It’s a job that gives the glassmakers new challenges to move the limits. 2,240 litres of non-alcoholic beer giving the craftsmen necessary minerals is then only a drop in the sea.

Little magics happen in the glassworks every day and, therefore, we want to give our gratitude for that back. The manufacture of the hand-blown glass requires the use of wooden forms, usually made of pear tree. Therefore, 100 of these new plants now make the glassworks surroundings even greener.

It has been an exciting, effortful yet fruitful year and we’re already looking forward to what the new one brings. Follow us – in 2020 we have new stories to write.

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