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3rd December 2019


Each of us has a different way of celebrating a birthday, according to our own preference and way.

The Czech version of Forbes magazine got into the eight season of its existence and it approached the party quite characteristically – in a business, economy and, as its usual for Forbes worldwide, also a philanthropic style. And since glass has the power to connect, Moser was at this networking event for the leading Czech business personalities with a good aim as a proud partner.

The Forbes Philanthropic Gala took place on Thursday 28th November in Rudolfinum Hall, Prague and Karlsbad glass really connected the event. The evening as a whole was toned in ocean green, which is the colour of Moser Christmas 2019. More than 200 guests were put into the mood of the evening by light play performed by Stones collection masterpieces, and the conversations at table were carried by beautiful Twist and Beauty vases.

However, Moser was far from creating stunning decorations and a sparkling atmosphere. We have also joined officially – the introduction of Moser as an event partner by the glassworks’ director, Frantisek Schneider, had left no one hesitating about the importance glass has for us in Karlsbad. His talk about the complex hand-manufacture process and everyday work at the furnace then apparently draw the guests’ attention since the following charity auction achieved to collect amazing 23,355,000 CZK, with the bid for the Moser part being the second highest at 5.3 mil. CZK.

And what did we put to the auction among the works of Czech artists, such as Pasta Oner or Musa? You might be surprised – no vase, no drinking set, not even an engraving master pieces, as you could expect.

Tomas Cupr, who bid the most for the item, is actually going to Moser glassworks and he has a truly unique experience ahead, one that will result into an object nowhere else existing. The owner of the biggest Czech food delivery service will spend time directly at the glassworks, making crystal from A-Z – from design to the blowing. All of it, of course, under the guidance of the Karlsbad pros, our master glassmaker, Zdenek Drobny, and the Head of Design, Petr Larva.

Christmas with all its perks is around the corner and we have to say that the Forbes Philantropic Gala was an uplifting occasion. It was a unique evening, where the Forbes motto: “How to get better” got yet another meaning.

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