31st January 2020


As Ovidius had already noticed 2,000 years ago, finding love is just the first step. Then it’s even more difficult to keep it – to cherish it and constantly form it

In this regard, little has changed since ancient times. In our personal lives, we all strive to find our ways, our own formulas of love. There isn’t a single one, that’s clear, and that’s why we in Moser also started exploring it.

Moser glassmakers are also poets in their own way – putting stories into glass, verse by verse on a daily basis. Who else should we entrust with this difficult task? They take charge of it every year. Once the time of lovers starts approaching, the batchmakers start preparing of a special batch of Rosalin.

Then everyone comes with what they have been doing for their whole life, what they love and know the best. The glassmakers blow and shape hearts of different sizes (13.5x10cm a 27x20.5 cm), the cutters set on the play of optics by using precious stones for cutting, then the polishing fully highlights the sparkle of this crystal treasure. Done! Pure hearts of crystal and gold have been born.

Each piece hides number of viewpoints, shines and reflections. Each reflection mirrors the craft experience, precision, patients and bravery of people who truly care about their job. Therefore, we dare to say confidently and out loud that we have mastered the art of love. It’s unique, it’s ours. #MoserArtOfLove, however, can show you the way. There isn’t a single

piece of advice from Ovid in it. Just energy and power to inspire you on your way to / with love.

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