19th August 2019


Birth of a glass

José Pizarro, a renowned Spanish chef living in the UK, wanted to bring back the popularity of sherry, which is underestimated worldwide, and the British have a weakness for it. In collaboration with the Moser brand, he decided to design glasses that elevates the taste of sherry to a completely different level and aesthetic appeal. José Pizarro says: "Moser handmade crystal is one of the most beautiful in the world, so I wanted to expand my collection." He adores Moser for its uniqueness of using hand-made lead-free crystal. During the visit, he also thought it would be a great opportunity to change the British sherry glasses that are used for it and, after consultations with designer Petr Larva, a collaboration was born. The first glasses from this collection are already celebrating success in Jose's restaurants in East London. The glasses will also be presented at a spectacular event that will be hosted by the Spanish Embassy in London in May, to which many celebrities have been invited.

Discover it yourself at - sherry-moser.com

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