12th December 2019


Could you actually imagine the holiday without this symbol that a large part of the world shares?

Not in our case, so we began preparations well ahead of Advent. The outcome doesn’t smell of needles, still – it gives an atmosphere that is hundred percent full of Christmas. We will tell you more…

Let’s show you the direction first. In the heart of the historical centre of Prague, right bellow Prague Castle, in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Lesser Town, you can find Moser Christmas tree. At first sight it will become clear that we were, indeed, not really talking about a conifer.

In 2019, Moser Glassworks went through major re-branding changes, including the creation of brand-new packaging. They turned out well – the boxes reflect not only the delicate shine of Moser crystal, but also the core DNA of the brand with its typical thick-cut crystal. As we wanted to show these beauties to the world, we decided to use them for creating our Christmas tree.

The building took more than 100 pieces, which in the end created a dominant at Mandarin Oriental hotel reception. Even though the tree is from quite a different material, it doesn’t lack decorations at all. Actually, we have chosen the best of Moser crystal treasure from our iconic collections. Royal, Splendid, Lady Hamilton or Mozart, this set that doesn’t need extra light. The international environment of the hotel suits them. No surprise, these are pieces enjoyed by royal families and sheiks.

Such high-standard clientele has also always been satisfied by Mandarin Oriental Hotels. Therefore, for the presentation of the new Moser visual image on a global scale, we couldn’t have chosen a better place. Mandarin and Moser…what do you hear in this melodic connection? For us it resonates with shared respect for clients, tradition, and mainly – with constant heading towards perfection.

So, when you stroll through the streets of Prague in Advent, stop for a moment and see these values shining bright with Moser Crystal Christmas.

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