8th October 2019


Ludwig Moser, the young cutter from a small town in Western Bohemia, knew already that glass has few borders, if any.

And from early on in his career, he proved it both through his craft and in international business sphere. Thus, since his first glass shop at Carlsbad spa colonnade, we keep on growing the network of our sales galleries, for more than 160 years.

And now, the Moser map will have another great spot to visit. Our glass will become another pearl of the desert as we are heading to Dubai.

The location is by far not coincidental – Moser crystal has always had its place in the royal families of the region, and we have been working with the Middle East ever since Ludwig Moser, our founder and his son, Leo Moser embarked on a journey of personalized orders. Dubai, as one of the most dynamic cities in the world, then represents an ideal place for keeping such tradition.

The sales gallery in DUBAI DESIGN DISTRICT will offer the whole palette of Moser glass art – from unique shapes and breath-taking underlayed colours to precise work of master engravers and cutters.

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