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18th December 2019


The recapitulation of the past year in the Moser glassworks can't pass without highlighting one especially unique international collaboration.

At the end of this journey, there are glasses which have been formed with a powerful story and that during several months, have managed to have a strong impact on perception and drinking of one of the most traditional types of fortified wines. 2019 will, therefore, get written in Moser chronicles as the year when, together with the world-famous chef José Pizarro, we managed to elevate the experience of drinking sherry.

To start at the very beginning, we have to go back a year. The key visit of the arts and food lover, denoted as “the Godfather of Spanish cuisine in the UK“ happened in 2018. Originally, José Pizarro came to Karlsbad to choose some new additions to his private collection. Then he met with our craft masters, including the Head of Design, Petra Larva, and the trip developed a new dimension. From this point on, the story is known. So, let’s just briefly summarise it. What followed can be easily described as a unique connection of the right people in the right place. José had been long frustrated with the way of drinking and with the status sherry had in England, and for centuries Moser glassworks has always cherished the world-unique know-how for the first-class hand manufactured lead-free glass, most importantly also – combined with great ideas.

The traditional tulip shape and small size of the sherry glasses in England had never done the drink's reputation much good according to José, and so he sat down with Petr Larva and they started contemplating. The main inspiration for the shape of the glass came from José’s cupped hands during emotive speaking – a beautiful symbol of the spirit of both the man and the wine. The resulting glass is then bigger yet not monstrous, and it has a shape which

allows for full savouring of sherry, both its aroma and taste. The exceptionality of this experience has been even strengthened by the collection's limited number – only 300 pieces have been handmade and signed by José Pizarro himself.

A year after the initial meeting, in September 2019, the crucial moment came with the official launch of the product that also grew on all of us. However, Moser & Pizarro sherry glass had even been drawing attention much earlier. In spring 2019, José showed it to Britain for the first time at the Sunday Brunch station and the crystal clinking was also heard during broadcasting at the popular commercial radio station Virgin Radio.

Then it was already pretty clear that a new sherry icon had been born. And then reactions from the highest places soon came. The Spanish Consejo Regulador de Jerez said:

“We are delighted with this glass designed by José Pizarro and Moser which positions Sherry in the very high standards this wine deserves. We do believe that the drinking experience of Sherry will be enhanced with this special glass and, as the Sherry Regulatory Council, we are happy to endorse it.“

Therefore, the crystal piece from Karlsbad became the summer hit across a number of (not only British) printed media – from lifestyle Marie Claire to a range of international magazines dealing with interior design and mainly (glass) tableware. A lot has been written about the new crystal addition made in cooperation Moser & Pizarro, indeed. Yet, no one has managed to give a more vivid idea of the new and unique experience as the magazine The Glass did:

“Drinking sherry from the ‘Pizarro’ glass is an absolute pleasure for the senses. The curved bowl of the glass allows you to fully savour the aroma of the sherry before finding delightful consummation in the taste of the wine. This glass has very seductive qualities that it is happy to lend to the lucky one that drinks from it! As it sits so very comfortably in the hand, it adds elegance to every movement you make. Gigantic wine glasses have become fashionable in recent years, but this beautiful object is constructed on a human scale, allowing you to make serious eye contact when it is raised to your lips. The subtle glint and flash when the delicate gold edging around the base catches the light as the glass is raised and lowered is playful and entrancing – as you will feel too, when drinking from it.“

Such beautiful and detailed description by experts in the field says it all. The only thing that can be added is the fact that the sherry glass even gained visibility in the busy pre-Christmas season. BBC Food Online mentioned it among its Christmas gift tips and it also flashed sparkled during José’s cooking on the This Morning Show.

We are sure that you’ll also hear about this precious connection of culinary and glassmaking craftsmanship in the upcoming year. Cheers to health, happiness and the joy of drinking from Moser & Pizarro sherry glasses in 2020.

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