hand cut collection

Subtle minimalism, underscored with tones of pastel aquamarine and elegant, geometrical scoring. JULIA is a collection which lends a very specific character to an interior, be it in the form of a decorative object or a drinking glass. The collection doesn’t ignore its model, which the collection gets from the second wife of the self-same Ludwig Moser, a beautiful and aristocratic woman named Julia.

Mouth blown from the pure unleaded ecological crystal glass

Hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss

  • Decanter 30270 - Capacity / Height: 43.3 OZ / 13.2 INCH
  • Tumblers
  • 30278, capacity / height: 11.7 OZ / 6.3 INCH
  • 30268, capacity / height: 10.7 OZ / 3.5 INCH
  • Product number: 30270
Year of creation: 2018
Creator: Boda Horák

The secrets of work by hand

Crystal with tradition from 1857

Each and every Moser art piece requires hours, days, weeks and often months of hand processing in the hands of our master glassmakers. The secrets of glassmaking are traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Becoming a master glassmaker requires years of practice, a great deal of talent and considerable strength: – the glassmaker must hold vases or bowls weighing tens of kilograms while they work.

Hand-blown using environmentally-friendly lead-free

Hand-cut and polished to truly shine

Hand-gilded with
24 carat gold

Hand-painted and engraved