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9th March 2018

The best of contemporary design in Moser galleries

Our glassworks presents the very best of today’s design in a showcase of significant works by renowned Czech designs and glass masters. Until April 30th art lovers will have the opportunity to admire works by Lukáš Jabůrek, Milan Knížák and Kateřina Doušová at the Moser Gallery in Na Příkopě street and on the Old Town Square.

The Moser Gallery at Na Příkopě will host an exhibition of work by Lukáš Jabůrek, in other words, the very best works of our Art Director and holder of the prestigious Czech Grand Design award. Although Lukáš Jabůrek belongs to the youngest generation of glass artists, this cross-section of his work is breath-taking.

“I find glass to be the most beautiful material because it is transparent and has incredible optics. This adds something more, something which rewards you once the work is complete,” says Lukáš Jabůrek.

The exhibits will also include his most famous piece The Pear. This exceptional vase is inspired by the shape of the pear and is reminiscent of a cut diamond. Like all Moser products it is hand-blown from ecologically pure unleaded crystal and thereafter it was hand cut and polished to a high gloss. It is available in many colours for CZK 75 900. The overall sales of this unique work will be donated to the Foundation for Bone Marrow Transplantation of which Moser has been a partner since 2002.

The Moser Gallery on the Old Town Square will offer works by renowned artists including such glass design legends as Jiří Šuhájek and Vladimír Jelínek and members of the current upcoming generation of artists Sebastian Menschorn and Filip Dobiáš. Others works on display will include those by Milan Knížák, Kateřina Doušová and the IRDS studio.

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