10th January 2020


The New year’s toasts have already faded away and so it’s finally time to take a deep breath and step into the next decade.

Slowly, wisely and with calm – not to overdo the new beginning just after its start. The winter leisure with a book in hand also deserves something good in glass, don’t you think? Therefore, in cooperation with the bartenders at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Prague, we prepared a delicious drink that even though not hot, will make your crystal freezing evenings shiny and warm. Just take notes…

For a single glass of this drink you’ll need:

·         40 ml of Scotch (or any other) whiskey

·         Full teaspoon of honey

·         20 ml of fresh lemon juice

·         1 stick of cinnamon

·         3 pcs of cloves

·         3 pcs of anise


And to mix all to create the true winter magic?


Fully dissolve the honey and let the spices flavour the drink, mix all the ingredients with a bar spoon in a shaker WITHOUT ICE.


Add ice in the next phase, mix carefully in the shaker and use fine strainer to pour it into a glass with ice.


Garnish with orange peel and anise. TIP: If you like a touch of soft froth, add a layer of whipped egg yolk. Lovers of intense colours can also use 20-40 ml of orange/mango/pineapple juice.

Done! However, let’s go back a step. There is one important "Ingredient" that takes this winter treat to heavenly spheres. According to our preference, the drink tastes best from POPE – Moser collection with a design (pontifical cut) from 1916 that set the trend for the drinking glass over the following century; crystal whose unearthly beauty was in 1932 appreciated by Pope Pius XI through an extensive order. Beauty, nobleness, and at the same time simplicity and usefulness – is that not a perfect combination for January meditation? Let’s enjoy the winter peace with us and take a full sip!


Our special thanks go to Vladimir, the bartender at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Prague – for his idea that, together with Moser glass, gives birth to new, unforgettable experiences.

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