17th September 2018

Honoured visit from Taiwan

The owners of Opulent State Life Corporation which is a family owned company, visited Moser Glassworks in early September.

It was not their first visit to the factory, however, in their own words, they said that the lively atmosphere of the creative work on the glassworks podium, or in grinding, painting and engraving workshops brings amazing experience that can be repeated and never gets old.

This year, Opulent, an exclusive partner of Moser glassworks in Taiwan since 2002, will hold a unique exhibition of Moser glassworks for discerning collectors and art lovers. This exhibition will also be combined with the presentation of the craft of engraving. Within this exposition, Moser will introduce a new collection that was created particularly for this unique occasion.

For an entire year, collectors have been looking forward to this extraordinary event. It will be running for three weeks in the cities of Tapei, Taichung and Kaohsiung in Taiwan.

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