Birth of Venus

hand cut and engraved vase

  • original painting: Sandro Botticelli, 1484 – 1486, original in the Galeria degli Uffizi, Florence
  • The image originated in the Renaissance around 1478 and is inspired by the Homeric Hymns. The picture captures the moment when Venus emerges from the sea borne on a seashell. The west wind carries her to the shore, where one of the Horae (goddesses of the seasons) gives her a cloak studded with flowers.The image consists of three separate themes, which we have divided into three vases – a triptych. Each work has a main motif, which together make up one image of the Birth of Venus. On the first vase Vladimír Skála has portrayed a pair of flying zephires (Zephyros God of the Wind and his wife Khloris), who symbolise passion and combine the spirit with matter. In preparation for this work the master engraver spent several months studying the figures and colour hues, which he achieved through a very sensitive scratching away at the layered colours. Thus breathing life and the strength of uniqueness into the motif.
  • hand blown of ecologically friendly lead-free crystal
  • hand cut and hand polished to a high gloss
  • hand engraved
  • the vase is signed by the engraver, marked by a limited number of series and accompanied by a certificate of origin
  • Product number: 3368
Year of creation: 2016
Limited edition 15
Creator: Vladimír Skála
Height 30 cm
11.8 inch

Creator of the piece

Vladimír Skála

One of the most prominent representatives of artistic engraving. He prepares for his engravings by studying models and color shades for several months. He has been breathing life and the power of uniqueness into his artworks for a respectable 43 years. He has represented the glassworks at many international engraved glass exhibitions.

The secrets of work by hand

Crystal with tradition from 1857

Each and every Moser art piece requires hours, days, weeks and often months of hand processing in the hands of our master glassmakers. The secrets of glassmaking are traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Becoming a master glassmaker requires years of practice, a great deal of talent and considerable strength: – the glassmaker must hold vases or bowls weighing tens of kilograms while they work.

Hand-blown using environmentally-friendly lead-free

Hand-cut and polished to truly shine

Hand-gilded with
24 carat gold

Hand-painted and engraved